Web-based performance, 00:40:00

A special livestream event developed to share experimental offerings of knowledge and healing in this time of isolation for COVID-19. 

Event goers are virtually beamed onto our ship and to participate in research and activities happening aboard the ship through storytelling, dance, exercise, dreaming, and tea to process and ponder questions of our time.
Co-Concepted by Anna Luisa Petrisko, Tonia B******, and Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero.

Individual segments directed by Vibration Group Performers Anna Luisa Petrisko, Fanciulla Gentile, Jon Almaraz, Lu Coy, and Tiara Jackson.

Musical performances by Micaela Tobin, Sarah Gail, and Barry Brannum. 


About Us       

Vibration Group is a transmedia universe  that speculates on modes of cultural survival and preservation in a dystopian future founded by Anna Luisa Petrisko.

Our performers are women, gender non-conforming, and queer thinkers of color join coming together to envision astral communal practices.

Experience design and interactive tech lead by Tonia B****** and Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero.

Supported by The MAP Fund (as GENERATION SPACE), Human Resources, and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.


Anna Luisa Petrisko
      Ate Na
Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero
Barry Brannum
Fanciulla Gentile
      Ara Paima
Gavin Gamboa      
Jon Almaraz
Lu Coy       Tlapitzalli
Micaela Tobin       Mimi
Sarah Gail       Luna
Tiara Jackson      
Tonia B*****        Nedaris 


Kristian Henson        Logo & Print Design
Carlo Maghirang        Set Design
Kerstin Hovland        Lighting Design
Laskfar Vortok         Video / Tech
Shoghig Halajian        Project Advisor


“This Subversive Sci-Fi Opera Explores the Idea of Being Displaced from Planet Earth,” LA Mag, July 10, 2020

“Performance Pick: VIBRATION GROUP at LACE” LA Weekly, November 20, 2019


Hawaii Interntational Film Festival, Nov 2020
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Reorient Showcase, Oct 2020
Culture Hub Re-Re-Fest, Sep 2020
GLAS Animation Festival Twitch, Aug 2020
LACMA Member Programming, Jul 2020